The University of Missouri has more than 60 slots in our AWESOME summer program for visiting students!  

In addition to providing a full time research experience and end-of-the-summer poster session, we organize evening seminars, specialty small group seminars, and orientation and social activities designed to create a supportive peer community.  Many of our seminars focus on professional development, tailored to different levels of student experience.  We provide students and faculty the tools they need to quickly establish a productive mentoring relationship.  And Columbia, Missouri is a great place to get away from distractions for the summer, and focus on research and professional development at a major research university — Big Time research with the Small Town touch!

Stipends range from $3400-$6000 and on-campus room & board.

Program Dates:  May 31- July 30, 2022 (We can not accommodate late arrivals)

Our programs, organized by deadline:

February 11

Medical Research – outreach for students interested attending MU School of Medicine

February 20

Alcohol Research – psychology addiction research

Translational Biomedicine – students planning on research careers and looking at MU for graduate training

Cell & Molecular Biology – for students interested in molecular and cellular biology and looking at MU for graduate training

Cancer Research – students planning on careers in cancer research, diagnosis, or treatment and considering MU for graduate/professional studies

Materials Science & Engineering REU – broad array of materials engineering research

Animal Sciences – for students considering PhDs in animal sciences.  This is not a pre-vet program.

March 1

Consumer Networking Technologies REU – computer sciences 

Computational Neuroscience REU (note :  This program is independent of the Office of Undergraduate Research)

Be sure to check out our homepage for our summer programs!