Congratulations to Middlebury alumni Darren Chen, Amani Core and Christina Wiremu-Brook who were selected as Schwarzman Scholars! You can read more about them in the newsroom: .

The 151 Schwarzman Scholars in the Class of 2023 hail from 33 countries and 106 universities. Scholars pursue a one-year Master’s degree in Global Affairs with a core curriculum focused on leadership, China, and global affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Scholars chosen for this highly selective program have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and the potential to understand and bridge cultural and political differences. Schwarzman Scholars live in Beijing for a year of intensive study and cultural immersion –attending lectures, workshops, and discussion groups; being mentored and advised by leaders across sectors; and traveling while developing a better understanding of China. Students and alumni can find more information about the Schwarzman Scholarship at . Contact with questions!

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