Join the Watson Fellowship Webinar on Wednesday, May 12th, from 3 PM to 4 PM ET. Watson Fellows David Johnson ’19 and Sophia Zupanc ’19 will be joining as guest speakers. The Watson Fellowship provides a year of self-directed exploration following graduation. Nomination applications will be due to the Middlebury Fellowships office in mid- September. To learn more about the Watson, visit go/watson and the Watson Leadership page here

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Guest Speakers for the Watson Webinar below!

David Johnson, 2019 Watson Fellow

Transitional Justice: Can A Nation Reconcile With Their Past?

To learn more about David and his year, you can visit his Watson 51st class page here.

Sophia Zupanc, 2019 Watson Fellow

Art, Science, and Alchemy: Striking the Balance Between Curing and Healing in Modern Medicine

To learn more about Sophia and her year, you can visit her Watson 51st class page here.