The Fellowships Office is happy to announce that twelve Middlebury students and alumni were named Fulbright finalists and another six seniors were named alternates for the 2020-21 US Fulbright Student Program. Two students were named finalists for the 2020 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program, and another three were named alternates. Congratulations to all of you! This is, however, a very different year that we planned for due to COVID-19. The summer 2020 CLS program was suspended; Fulbright grants now will not begin until Jan 1, 2021 at the earliest. This means that many finalists will not be able to accept their grants for different reasons–a reality that is disappointing to so many. But we want to recognize this accomplishment by our students and alumni–well done! Alternates and finalists can reapply–so please talk with us about that. Fulbright and CLS application processes for this fall are proceeding as normal.

Congratulations to Middlebury’s Fulbright Finalists and Alternates for Study/Research and English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Grants!


David Anderson ‘19.5 Study/Research, Japan

Caroline Byrne, MA candidate, Language Schools, ETA, Spain

Chelsea Colby ’18, ETA, Malta

Amani Core ’18, ETA, Taiwan

Colleen Gair ’20, ETA, Slovak Republic

Athena Haywood ’20, ETA, Argentina

Isabel Herrick ’20, ETA, Columbia

Mahli Knutson ’20, ETA, Taiwan

Hannah Krutiansky ’19, ETA, Brazil

Karl Lin ’20, Study/Research, Japan

Kami Smith, MA candidate, Language Schools, ETA Andorra

Teal Witter ’20, MA Degree Award, Israel

Fulbright Alternates

Celia Alter ‘19.5, ETA, Spain

Laura Blum ’20, Study/Research, Finland

Jack Carew ’20, Study/Research, Morocco

Winslow Ferris ’20, ETA, Taiwan

Ellie Greenberg ’20, ETA, Malaysia

Michael Nunziante ‘19.5, ETA, Peru

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Finalists and Alternates


Shamsadin Mohajerani ’20, Arabic

Victoria Toth ’21, Russian


Priscilla Downey ’21, Chinese (Mandarin)

Henry Ganey ’22, Chinese (Mandarin)

Lilli Shoup ’22, Chinese (Mandarin)