The Watson foundation is holding a fall webinar for prospective applicants on Wednesday, September 12th, 3pm ET. This webinar would be great for students interested in learning more about the Watson and those applying for nomination this year. You can sign up for the webinar here:

From foster care to opera; from Cambrian Explosion to human augmentation; from threatened big cat species to spoken word, the Watson Fellowship provides graduating seniors with a remarkable year to explore their deepest interests on a global scale. Fellows create original projects, execute them outside of the United States and embrace the ensuing journey. At our half century mark, today Watson Fellows comprise leaders in nearly every field, inspired by a ‘dream year’ that continues to shape the arc of their lives and those of others.

The Watson fellowship is open to all citizenship types. Students can only apply for nomination their senior/super-senior fall–and this year’s internal nomination deadline for Fall 2018 applications is Tuesday, Sept. 11. For more information, see or contact Watson Advisor Lisa Gates at