Timor- Leste ETA Program  (2 awards)  

Applicants should be mature and articulate individuals who are prepared to operate in a challenging environment with living standards that are not as high as those in the U.S. or those in the major cities of Southeast Asia. Applicants must be willing to take on either an urban (Dili) or rural (provinces) placement.  Candidates must be native English-speakers and need to be self-motivated, resourceful, flexible, independent, and outgoing, and prepared to manage with limited resources. Undergraduate or Master’s degrees with a focus on English, American Studies, or Education are preferred.  Prior teaching or tutoring experience will be helpful, and experience working with ESL/EFL learners is preferred.

Candidates with an interest in teaching conversational English at high school or university level will be considered.  Living standards are not as high as those in the U.S. or other cities of Southeast Asia, so candidates should exhibit the ability to adapt and be flexible. 

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