For those in the nomination process for the Marshall, the online application is now available here: . In my emails to you, I specified which district you should register through–if you don’t have that info or have questions, let me know. We do try to spread potential nominees across different districts as much as possible.

Also, read carefully this information about recommenders:Applicants must now identify the type of recommender.  They must identify a preferred recommender – this recommender should have supervised their college or university training.  They should also identify one recommender who can address the applicant’s leadership and ambassadorial potential, and this need not be provided by an academic, the applicant should choose the leadership option for this letter.  Candidates should only have one preferred and one leadership recommendation.”

You do not need to solicit letters of recommendation until you know that you have been nominated. For those working on applications for nomination review in August,  do not add email addresses for your recommenders at this time. If the system makes this difficult, you can simply send me your choices (noting which is the preferred recommender and which will speak to leadership/ambassadorial potential) via email by Aug 10.

For those who have been nominated already, please discuss your choices with me before requesting letters of recommendation. Finally, please note that I have set a deadline of 9/24/17 for receipt of letters of recommendation (this is so we have access to your letters for the endorsement process).