For those students and alumni continuing with the British scholarship nomination process (and this means you were interviewed by the British scholarship committee in April/May 2015):

I wanted to review instructions for our Aug 15 deadline for submitting your British scholarship application(s) for review for nomination. Please read through carefully.

1. If you have changed your mind and do not want to apply for any British scholarships in the fall 2015 cycle, please let me know that. In most cases, you can consider applying in future application cycles.

2. If you are applying for any British scholarship, please submit a polished working draft of the application with a copy of your advising transcript from Banner as a single PDF file. It is very important that this is a single file and that you make a single pdf file for each application. The only exception to this is if you are applying for a Marshall, Rhodes, Mitchell or Churchill AND the Keasbey; in that case, note that you are seeking nomination for the Keasbey still and we can use the Marshall, Rhodes, Mitchell or Churchill application for that nomination determination. If you are applying for the Keasbey nomination ONLY, you will need to submit a draft of the Keasbey application (at and advising transcript as a single pdf file. Please label the file with your last name and the name of the scholarship, e.g. Gates_Marshall, Gates_Rhodes etc.

3. What you are not submitting now: letters of recommendation or official transcripts.

4. To make a copy of an online application, you may have an option to save as a pdf and use that. If not you can print to a pdf file.

5. For those of you who have been told you are being nominated for a particular scholarship, this application copy will allow us to provide feedback on your application (except for Rhodes and Mitchell, per their restrictions; however I will be happy to talk with you broadly about the application). For those who have provisional nomination or have been told we could not make a decision about nomination in May, this material will serve as the basis for our final nomination decisions.

​6. My goal is to have final decisions and feedback out to everyone by 9/2.

7. Remember, Gates Cambridge does not require any institutional nomination. So you may feel free to apply directly to that scholarship and talk w/ me about questions and essays.

Any questions, let me know. Lisa Gates will be out of the office 8/6 through 8/18, returning on 8/19. Colleen Norden will be in the office until 8/14, so can help with questions about process.