The first group of grant recipients were recently announced: . For those of you thinking about the Nat Geo Fulbright, in addition to the very helpful info and instructions on the Fulbright website, make sure you address the following in your project proposal:

  • Feasibility of your project in each country proposed.  How will this work in each country? Why is each country setting an important part of your proposal?
  • Who stands to benefit from your project and how? Think about the communities you’d be living/working with as well as US audiences
  • What is your language proficiency? How does lack of proficiency impact your project? How would you address that?

Reviewers will be looking for the demonstrated feasibility of your project in each setting, your demonstrated skills in digital storytelling, your connection to the topic and your genuine interest in exploring a topic (rather than approaching with a particular agenda or view).  The application tips are enormously helpful–read carefully!

Also, like any multi-country proposals, your proposal must be approved by each country you propose to visit. If you select three countries and one does not approve the project, your application will not be successful. So message is to choose what makes most sense for your project!