We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 – 8:50. Details of our semester-long schedule are here. All time-sensitive assignments are in bold.  Assignments that are due on non-class days are also underlined.  Finally, out-of-class events are listed in bold italics


Monday, September 10

  • Discussion of The Green Collar Economy, Van Jones, 2008

Wednesday, September 12

Thursday, September 13

  • Talk by Mary Gentile (Babson College) on ‘Giving Voice to Values.’ 4:30 PM, Axinn 232.

Friday, September 14

  • Discussion of journal entry 1, the post-2008 fate of Van Jones (research this!), and introduction to resources at Middlebury.

Sunday, September 16

  • Second draft of essay 1 due by 6:00 PM


Monday, September 17

  • Discussion of Amazing Grace (weekend screening to be arranged) and of your questions for Van Jones

Wednesday, September 19

  • First draft of essay 2 and brief meeting with Brenda Ellis

Friday, September 21

Saturday, September 22

Sunday, September 23

  • Second draft of essay 2 due by 6:00 PM


Monday, September 24

  • No class meeting

Wednesday, September 26

Friday, September 28


Monday, October 1

Wednesday, October 3

Thursday, October 4

  • “Fast Fish and Loose Fish: A History of Slavery and Freedom in Herman Melville’s America” Greg Grandin, Professor of History New York University. 4:30 PM, Robert A. Jones ’59 House Conference Room

Friday, October 5

  • Complete discussion of justice


Sunday, October 7: First draft of essay 3 due by 6:00PM

Monday, October 8

  • Discussion of Introduction and Part I of Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know, David Bornstein and Susan Davis, 2010.  (Pp. xvii – 47.)

Wednesday, October 10

  • Discussion of Parts II and III of Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know, David Bornstein and Susan Davis, 2010. (Pp. 48 – 128.)

Friday, October 12

  • Discussion of journal entry 5 and submission of first writing portfolio, followed by campus-wide talk by the Dalai Lama


Monday, October 15

  • October break

Wednesday, October 17: meet in Davis Family Library 105 – computer lab downstairs

Friday, October 19

  • Working on your public presentation with Dr. Mike Kiernan
  • Sport for Development and Peace, Homecoming Panel (McCullough Social Space.) 8:30 PM The Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship will host a Homecoming panel on Sport for Development and Peace. Sports Illustrated columnist Alex Wolff will moderate a panel of four young alumni speakers, including Dave Campbell ’09 (Lacrosse the Nations and GivingSomeThing), Kelly Brush Davisson ’08 (Kelly Brush Foundation), Kennedy Mutothori Mugo ’12.5 (Rugby and Kenya Library Project), and Alexandra Boillot ’12 (CitySquash). The panel will segue into a reception afterwards for an audience of student-athletes and returning alumni. This event will offer the opportunity for interested individuals to learn, share, and connect.


Monday, October 22

  • Discussion of prologue and Chapters 1 -12 (pp. xi – 212) of The Blue Sweater, Jacqueline Novogratz, 2009

Wednesday, October 24

  • Discussion of Chapters 12 – 16 (pp. 213 – 284) of The Blue Sweater, Jacqueline Novogratz, 2009

Friday, October 26


Monday, October 29

Wednesday, October 31

Thursday, November 1

Friday, November 2

  • Visit with MCSE Advisory Board and Chris Lloyd ’83, head of Corporate Social Responsibility at VSR and discussion of journal entry 7


Monday, November 5

  • First draft of part 2 of research paper: description of the challenge

Wednesday, November 7

  • First draft of part 3 of research paper: analysis of why the challenge persists

Friday, November 9


Monday, November 12

  • First draft of part 4 of research paper: analysis of recent attempts to address the challenge and discussion of planning for spring semester (please bring your laptops)

Wednesday, November 14

  • Discussion of Introduction and Chapters 1 – 5 of Making Good, Billy Parish and Dev Aujla, 2012 and visit with Tiffany Sargent of EIA

Friday, November 16

  • Discussion of Chapters 6 – 9 and Conclusion of Making Good, Billy Parish and Dev Aujla, 2012


Monday, November 19

  • First draft of part 5 of research paper: proposal for implementing a specific solution

Wednesday, November 21 – Friday November 23: Thanksgiving Break


Monday, November 26

Wednesday, November 28

Friday, November 30

  • Presentations by Nat, Caroline, Andres, and Jeremy


Monday, December 3

  • Presentations by Julia, Kirra, Aaron, Felix and Dave

Wednesday, November 5

  • Presentations by Will, Jack, Jesse, Maddie and Lisa

Friday, November 7

Sunday, December 16

  • Second writing portfolio due by 6PM, including the final draft of your research paper


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