Let’s use this page to gather information about helpful on-campus resources, particularly those related to our course.


A host of people are here to enhance the experience of this seminar and, more generally, your first semester at Middlebury.  A partial list:

  • I am the Director of Environmental Studies, Faculty Director of the Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and Professor of Economics at Middlebury College. More on my web page. My office hours during Fall Term 2012 are Mondays, 3:00 – 5:00, in the Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest (FECH) and Fridays, 10:00 – 12:00, at the MCSE (118 South Main Street.) My office number at the FECH is (802) 443 – 3238. My office number at the MCSE is (802) 443 – 5761. Email is jisham at
  • Fernando Sandoval Jiminez is our course mentor. As you will soon realize, we are lucky to be able to benefit from his leadership, commitment, and caring. He can be reached at lsandoval at
  • Stanis Moody-Roberts is the Wonnacott Commons CRA. He can be reached at smoodyro at
  • Brenda Ellis is our cracker-jack liaison at the Davis Family Library. bellis at
  • The entire staff of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research are allies. Get to know them and get in the habit of working with them.
  • The peer writing program at Middlebury is stellar. Count on dropping on Sunday-Thursday 7:30-midnight (except during school vacations) in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (Davis Family Library 225). Peer writing tutors can, also, help with oral presentation skills.


  • Here is a GREAT piece – tips_on_skimming (1) – on skimming from my academic mentor, Grace Goodell.  Read it carefully … it will help you to then read effectively long assignments.

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