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GlobeMed 5K

Now that spring is officially upon us, Middlebury students took advantage of yesterday’s beautiful weather to support Globe Med’s 5K run to combat malnutrition. Founded in 2008, GlobeMed at Middlebury is one of 50 GlobeMed national chapters working to improve the lives of people living in poverty across the world. Proceeds from the race will help Gardens for Health International in Rwanda combat childhood malnutrition through health initiatives.

Running for a good cause only bolstered the general atmosphere of excitement. With the sun shining brightly overhead, more than one hundred Middkids lined up in front of Proctor Dining Hall for a race that would take runners down past the Ralph Myhre Golf Course, through the cross country trail, which winds up and down breathtaking views and rolling hills, and back up through main campus. Hopefully exhausted runners, looked to the quote “The Strength of the Hills is His Also” – inscribed into the top of Meade Chapel at the hills’ peak – as motivation for one last sprint as they made their way up the final leg of the race

Participating in today’s event was a great way to engage the beautiful weather and share in a collective effort to support communities around the world. I want to thank my friends with whom I ran today for supporting me through the trail and making sure that I crossed the finish line. Perhaps today’s showing will inspire me to consider taking up more short-term races before I graduate next month.


Dolci – A Unique Middlebury Dining Experience


One of the best-kept secrets at Middlebury is Dolci dinner, a five-course restaurant-style culinary experience that brings upscale dining to Atwater on Friday evenings. A student head chef prepares a five-course meal around exciting themes such as breakfast for dinner, geometry, and bacon. With the guidance and support of the Atwater dining staff, student teams of sous-chefs prep each component part of these elaborate meals days in advance of the actual event, where lucky students who were the first to register online get to invite a date to a unique dining experience. Dolci is a real privilege to experience (at no cost to students I should add) and is just one of many great ways to kick off a weekend. After a long week of work and running around, relaxing over blood red orange soda while snacking on pita bread with baba ganoush reminds me that a whole world of culinary traditions has creatively found its way onto my doorstep in Middlebury, Vermont.

Below are some examples of the dishes offered at the two Dolci dinners I’ve had the luxury of attending. From tonight’s dinner (Mediterranean theme) there is a lamb with Israeli cous cous and falafel as well as a desert dish comprised of candied figs and pistachio cookies. The third picture is of a dessert from the geometry themed evening: a molten lava cake with home-made pistachio ice cream and two sauces, one raspberry and one mint.


For anyone looking for activities to add to their senior-year bucket lists, Dolci is a must!