Bittersweet: Suits and T-Shirts

I can remember freshman year, navigating a brand new social climate, introducing myself over and over again, trying to achieve the college version of myself that I had always pictured and getting a feel for my new home. I look back at sophomore year – making new choices, regretting them, learning, growing and ¬†accepting that friends were becoming family. My junior year brought new responsibilities, freedom, introduction of life decisions, and the solidification of who I was on this campus. And now senior year… a year where I find myself looking back while still experiencing Midd. A year in which every moment I spend with my friends, my new family, is bittersweet as I wonder where we will all be next year. I watch as my friends, usually clad in ill fitting old tshirts and flip flops, walk confidently in dress shoes and suits as they attend interviews. The breakfast conversations have shifted from stresses about classes to pragmatic discussion of the future. As I go through this year I find myself analyzing all of the amazing ways that Middlebury has helped me grow into the person I am today and given me the opportunities to think critically and fully about the world that I will be entering into. I know that I will miss my experience here and that my college family will be spread throughout the US and overseas next year, but it is felt with a sense of gratitude for my experiences and hope that I will be able to put the Middlebury stamp on whatever I do after. ¬†I want to live in the moment during my last year here, for I am currently living the final 25% of my college experience. I watch the leaves change and the gorgeous fall foliage transform the campus and I smile. I smile a smile that is wrapt by its beauty and is aware that this is my fourth and final time starting a new year at Middlebury – incredibly excited and nervous about what this year and my next chapter will bring.

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