20 Things I Will Miss

I have begun to make a list of things I will miss about Middlebury…  Some will say it is too soon I say, NAH!

  1. Waking up 20 minutes before you are supposed to be somewhere and still getting there on time.
  2. Not having to wash dishes daily.
  3. Having extended vacations such as Winter Break, Feb Break, Spring Break and Summer Break. In the real world you get circa 1.5 sick days a month and maybe a week long paid vacation, other than that Sallie Mae, Freddie Mac and “The Man” own you…at least until the student loans are paid.
  4. Taking long showers and not directly feeling the burden of a water bill.
  5. Leaving the lights in your room/apartment on and not being shocked when the heating bill comes.
  6. Being able to have heart to hearts with your friends face to face until 3 / 4 in the morning.
  7. Having impromptu 2 hours Skype dates.
  8. Being able to see your friends face to face, daily.
  9. Procrastinating till 2 in the morning and still getting a project done…Well maybe this will still work in the real world in some situations, but not both. A doctor can’t speed up a 12 hour surgery because he over slept.
  10. Having constant access to your professors, your mentors, and your bosses through e-mail, phone or drop in visit.
  11. The joy of care packages…once you leave college you will have to buy your own cookies and snack basket.
  12. Naps. One can schedule these in but it is very difficult at a 9-5 without getting pink-slipped.
  13. Rolling over and deciding… Nah not today.
  14. Walking around a town enclosed by mountains.
  15. The quiet tranquility of the campus, most nights from 11pm to 7 am.
  16. State of the art facilities.
  17. Not paying for ink cartridges.
  18. Having a buffet and open salad bar for every meal.
  19. Eating at all times of the night and day.
  20. Falling asleep in a Library/Public place and not being judged!

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