Carnival Weekend!

Here at Middlebury, this weekend, our 89th Annual Winter Carnival, has been eagerly anticipated since the beginning of the year.  Winter Carnival is one of Middlebury’s oldest and best loved school traditions, and it involves a wide range of activities that bring the school community together over a celebration of winter, snow and skiing.  Although the weather up in Vermont this season has left a little to be desired (ironically, there is NO snow for this weekend’s Carnival), there is plenty of fun still to be enjoyed.  Festivities kicked off last night with a huge bonfire, a spectacular fireworks show, a special ice cream flavor in the dining halls for dinner, and the well-loved 80s dance, with music by Orange Crush.  Today, the festivities continue with ski races at the College Snow Bowl and a comedian tonight. Throughout the day, the Middlebury Mountain Club will be sponsoring a “Northern Lights” competition, in which students compete in teams in several different winter sports (human dogsledding is always a highlight to observe).  Tomorrow, the main event features a formal Winter Ball with catering from a local restaurant and a DJ.  All in all, the weekend is packed with events to bring the entire school community together in a celebration of winter. Over the past four years, Carnival festivities have been some of my most favorites memories of Middlebury, and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of my final Carnival this weekend.


And…there is snow in the forecast. Wonders never cease.

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