Eclectic. Relaxed. Informal.

So you’re probably wondering where Midd kids hang out when they are not busy with their studies or extra curricular activities.

There are various places on campus where we sit back and enjoy being stress-free, such as the Grille and/or Crossroads Cafe in McCullough Student Center, the comforts of the common room in our respective dorms, the Wilson cafe, or the quads, but there are times when we find ourselves wandering around the town of Middlebury.

51 Main is an obvious choice for many of us. The dim lights, delicious food, numerous board games, and the live music draw a large crowd every night it is open.
The live music varies from mellow singer-songwriter types to a full blues-jam night, showcasing Middlebury students, local acts, and musicians on the rise from nearby areas. Trust me, you want to get there on the earlier side if you want to be guaranteed a seat.

The menu is phenomenal. It consists of food items to fit every budget ranging from hummus and pita chips to Brazilian Skirt Steak and weekly soup/salad specials. But make sure you leave some room for dessert because the chef is known for his fabulous “51” Chocolate Mousse, described as a decadent dark mousse with a hint of vanilla and essence of lush Cabernet Sauvignon, topped with seasonal fruit and whipped cream.

You never know who is going to be sitting at the table next to yours. It could be Julia Alvarez, the writer-in-residence who has published many novels and poems. The director of Admissions? Perhaps it’s your future sociology professor. Maybe it’s President Ron Liebowitz himself.

The next time you’re in Middlebury, be sure to swing by for a delicious meal (lunch or dinner) and say hello to the chef!


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