Shankin’ My Fanny Muscle

No We Can’t !
YES, You can!

Oh crap. I really can’t. I can’t sing. Why I am just thinking about this now? Mona you knew you were going to be auditioning for a musical! But I thought they would just need back-up dancers and if it’s one thing I can do it’s shake my Von-tusle! Well what are you going to do now? The door is too far away and the director looks so excited. Well, let’s hope there is another tone deaf soul in the room. Here goes nothing.

        Such was the internal turmoil I experienced when I auditioned for Hairspray. I was soooo excited over the musical that I forgot the obvious. You have to know how to sing, dance and act. The latter two I have experience with, but singing. Let’s just say when I sing solo’s I sing so low no one hears me. In fact I am so skilled that I was actually part of the original Milly Vanilli. I am someone who sings at the top of my lungs when I am right in front of a speaker, but when other are in my presence I try to practice social cues and not embarrass others.
Needless to say I made it in. We were told we would be given voice lessons and have group practices. So far what I have learned is. When you have 25 people who can sing and 7 who can’t. The majority do a stellar job of drowning out the rest of us. I have slightly improved however. If I stand next to an alto, I am pretty talented and mimicking their pitch. However if a tenor, or bass or soprano get to close. I get thrown off and attempt to see all the tones. I try though. I am truly excited for J-term though. This is when we will begin to learn all the choreograpy and the script and if it’s one thing I will perfect it will be the hussle. This J-term, my final J-term at Middlebury I have decided to do something a little out of my comfort zone. In the past I was nervous to use J-term as a time to do something just for me. My past three J-terms I have taken  Micro-Economics, Living with Illness(Best class I have ever taken!) and last year I became a certified Hospice volunteer.  All have taught me something about myself, but have truly been classroom based. Hairspray will afford the opportunity to be in Town Hall theater everyday from 1-4 pm then from 7-10 pm. I await J-term with sheer happiness and anticipation. Get your tickets early! They go on sale January 8th. For Middkidds. Look it up at go/obo!

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