Where the work gets done…?

Everybody has different study habits. Some people work best in the morning. Others work best at night. And even others work best when morning and night start to blend together. Personally, I am the most productive when there is nobody to procrastinate with on gmail chat – though this has gotten quite complicated since many of my friends have moved abroad.

Nonetheless, the work gets done – at various times and in various places. Here is a list of some of the best places to be productive on campus.

  1. Davis Family Library: The ‘Main’ Library located (somewhat) conveniently on campus. It’s probably best to come here during the day when there are less people. At night, the library becomes pretty social just because there are so many people there. For those doing senior theses or independent work, private work-spaces (thesis carrels) are available. They are really nice because you have your own desk, locker, and private space to work.
  2. Wilson Family Café: Located within the Davis Family Library, its for those who some level to distraction to be productive. Its nice to have the various amenities in the vicinity like coffee and snacks, though it does tend to get a bit loud. Of course, this is where you’ll most likely be working if you have to pull an all-nighter once the library closes at 1:00am. I’ve met some of my best friends here… shared suffering.
  3. Axinn Center: True gem of the college. If you’re going to be working late, make sure you get into the building before midnight! After midnight, you’ll be allowed to stay in the building but wont be able to come back in again if you leave (the doors lock behind you). Axinn has a lot of great places to study. If you’re practicing a presentation, you can just use one of the large lecture rooms. If you want to do some quiet reading, the lounge and the Abernathy room provide the necessary comfort and ambience. If you need to use computers, the lab downstairs is fully equipped with iMacs that are great for writing papers.
  4. McCardell Bicentennial Hall: Studying for a science test tomorrow? You’ll probably find the most help here. Though it is a bit far for those who are living on the south side of campus, it could be well worth your trip. Though the science library closes early, there is still ample space in the building to use. Stroll into one of the classrooms, the computer lab downstairs, or even the main hall to do some work. If you’re working in BiHall in the early evening, you’ll also probably get to see an awesome sunset through the biggest glass windows in Vermont! Exciting
  5. Sunderland: Not for the faint-hearted. This building is open 24 hours. It has very few windows. In most cases, you don’t want to end up studying here… It probably means you have a ton of work the next day and cant be bothered to see the depressing sunrise the following morning. Don’t worry – it serves its purpose. I’ve already paid my dues here.

Those are some of the main places that students study on campus. There are also places like Hillcrest (the environmental house) and other lounges/study areas in some of the dorms that are quite nice as well. Personally, I like using my thesis carrel in the library or working in the computer lab in Munroe way past midnight. Everyone has their own little space. It takes some time to discover it, but you’ll know it when you find it. 

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