TGI…Daylight Savings

In the infamous words of Rebecca Black “It’s Friday.”  And, yes, we so excited.  I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!”

… until I looked down at my planner.

My day looked a little something like this: class, MIDTERM, class, work – booked solid from 9 to 4.  An incessant stream of classes, tests, and homework keep me busy during the week.  But what I’ve come to realize during my time at Middlebury is that my schedule does not let up even if my workload does.   I survived my International Finance midterm this morning, but now I’m faced with something much more daunting: the weekend.

Tonight I’ll be running a few errands in town, then I’m off to a potluck dinner hosted by a group of friends in their fabulously homey Voter suite (complete with spiral staircase).  The potluck is followed by an event my friend planned, which gathers students from Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to share their stories and experiences.  Around 9:30, I’ll head over to a reunion of sorts with friends who studied abroad with me in China last spring and spend the night reminiscing about 珍珠奶茶 and Beijing’s hutongs.

Saturday doesn’t get any easier.  My day starts at 9 am, and between moving boats with the crew team, tailgating the final home football game of the season, supporting friends in the annual Global Rhythms talent show sponsored by Wonnacott Commons, and late night movies, I don’t expect to have much free time.  Sunday brings its own woes with 15 pages of my “mini-thesis” on Roma political mobilization due next week, an Arabic essay, and the regular load of homework for my other classes.

So instead of “Thank Goodness It’s Friday”, this week I’m thanking goodness for November 6th and the extra hour of sleep, studying, or partying with friends.  However I choose to spend my hour, I know it will make a huge difference!  If only we got an extra hour every week…

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