It’s snowing!

Just kidding! It’s 50 degrees and sunny out, two full days into November. However, snow is an inevitable fact of life at Midd.

The season’s first snowfall came on Thursday, October 27th this year… as early as I remember it. Fortunately, the white stuff didn’t stick around long enough for any real accumulation to occur, at least not until Saturday (and even then it was gone by Sunday morning). Many students at Midd come from climates where they’ve never encountered snow before, but even for those who’ve been hitting the slopes and building snowmen for their entire lives, there are a few things to keep in mind about the Vermont winter:

1. You will need snowboots. Get the big, knee-high furry ones. Your feet will love you. If kids laugh at you, remind them that you go to school in Vermont.
2. You will need a coat. A warm one. A serious one. The kind of coat you’d wear to the North Pole (or the South Pole, even). Get the big, knee-length down one with the fur (real or fake; it’s up to you) around the hood. Looking good is half the battle.
3. Pick a hot beverage to enjoy frequently. Hot cocoa, tea, coffee…any of the above will do the trick. Maybe even branch out and try some mate or spiced apple cider.

Steps for going outside:
1. Drink a mug of your favorite hot beverage.
2. Put on boots. (Bonus points for warm socks! Bonus bonus points for warm socks made in Vermont (i.e. Darn Tough or Vermont Sock Company)).
3. Put on coat.
4. Develop mental fortitude. A lot of it.
5. Venture outside into the brisk winter air.

Once you’re outside, chances are you’ll realize that it’s not that bad after all. Snow is kind of nice. It’s white and soft and tastes pretty good, like marshmallows.

You’ll be a pro at the cold weather by the time J-Term rolls around. Just believe in yourself!

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