All in the numbers

We’re finishing up our incredible tenure here in Self-Reliance.

The house has been performing very well. Here are the numbers:

December-May 24

Total Electrical Consumption: 2,220 kWh

Total PV Production: 3,476 kWh

For a net surplus of 1247 kWh, worth about $137 at the going rate for electricity.

Pretty cool stuff.



Spring Term Students

Spring term is here and it’s time for students to move into Self-Reliance! Who will be living there? After submitting applications, three eager students were selected to live in the home for the spring 2012 semester. They demonstrated a strong committment to sustainable living and a genuine desire to continue outreach efforts. Meet 2011 decathletes Gwen Cook ’13, Cordelia Newbury ’13 and Wyatt Komarin ’12 and see why they’re so excited about moving into Self-Reliance!