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(to those of you who arrived here from one of our surveys)

The Curricular Technology team has started a Uservoice site to gather ideas about curricular technnology needs at Middlebury, see:

Curricular Technology Suggestions/Ideas

Anyone can vote on existing ideas or suggest new ones. This is an opportunity for you to tell us what you need or tell us what ideas/suggestions you think are good by voting on the site.  We’ve put up a few ideas based on what we think are the Functional Requirements for Segue Replacements.

Alternatively, you can also email us your ideas for “must have” or desired features of curricular technology platforms/applications ( Let us know too, if you’d like an interview with a team member to present your ideas or discuss a particular set of functional requirements.

Ancillary Surveys

In addition to the general curricular technology needs survey that will be sent to all faculty, we invite you to fill out the following surveys.  These supplementary surveys ask more in depth question about particular topics.

Online Grading and Assessment

A number of courses and programs of study have used Measure to create online quizzes and exams. A number of focus group participants expressed interest in online assessment and grading.  This survey asks more in depth questions on this topic

Support, Documentation and Dissemination

This short survey has questions about how best to document, support and disseminate curricular technologies.

Audio Technologies

This survey has questions related to recording audio for courses including:

  • creating lecture podcasts (i.e. audio recordings of your lectures)
  • creating audio resources for your students
  • requiring your students to submit audio recordings for assignments.

Video Technologies

This survey has similar questions as the Audio Technologies survey, but is focussed on video

6 thoughts on “Tell Us What You Need

  1. Louisa Burnham

    I was expecting the Google moderator site to have space for comments, so this is a comment on one of the suggestions on there re. Google Docs. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    1. Alex Chapin Post author

      Google Docs may not seem comparable yet to MS Office, but it is evolving rapidly… It does have the tremendous advantage of being able to share documents online. Instead of emailing assignments to you as file attachments, students could simply add you as a viewer or collaborator on their assignment in Google Docs and you would be able to access online and add comments and feedback at any point….

  2. Louisa Burnham

    I would like to comment on some of the ancillary surveys, but I don’t understand how to log in. It doesn’t seem to want my usual Google username and password nor my Midd login.

  3. Susan Burch

    I’d love to see guest user capabilities for our course sites, including WordPress sites. At previous institutions I could invite faculty from other colleges to engage with my students, which was extremely useful.

    I also hope that as we create video and audio files of our lectures etc. that these can be captioned to foster greater access to the material.

    Thanks very much-


    1. Alex Chapin Post author

      Hi Susan,
      Sorry for late reply. We definitely will recommend that any platform used for course sites be capable of allowing guests to register and be assigned roles within the course site.

      There has been some interest in being able to create audio and video of lectures so we’ll probably include something about this in our recommendations as well

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