Thank you, Martin Bridge

Martin Clark Bridge, a regular participant in the MSoE as an environmental artist, did us a huge courtesy this last summer by allowing us to reproduce his painting Permaculture – Principle 1 for the 2016 MSoE t-shirt.  This is part of his series on permaculture, with each painting representing one of permaculture’s twelve design principles.  Principle I — Observe and Interact — perfectly captures one of the implicit goals of the Middlebury School of the Environment, so it was a perfect choice for our 2016 t-shirt.  What makes this particularly noteworthy, though, is Martin’s generosity in sharing the painting with us simply because (in his words) “I believe in what you are doing.”

And by that, he means that he believes in all of the students, those of you who have made a commitment to becoming agents of positive change in the world, who observe what needs to be done, and interact with the world to make it a better place.

So we say, “thank you, Martin.”  Check us out saying it, each in our own way from the summit of Snake Mountain.

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  1. Mike Tyson says:

    Excellent painting…

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