And we begin!

I have been somewhat silent on this blog for awhile, largely in order to focus on final preparations for the launch of the School of the Environment, which have been monumental. But today is the day we begin!  All of the students have checked in at the Arrival Center, and we’re now getting them settled into their rooms.  We are planning to have a group dinner this evening to kick things off, following by a welcoming and orientation session to talk about course assignments, the schedule for the weekend, and our shared hopes and expectations for the semester.

Many people deserve much credit for getting the School to where it is today, poised on the edge of its inaugural launch.  But I want to especially call out thanks to the 12 students who have enrolled in the School this summer.  They are the ones who will make all of this worthwhile … and help us make it even better as we proceed!

I plan to use this blog while the School is in session to post regular — if not daily — updates on what we have been doing.  If you are interested in tracking the daily life of the School of the Environment 2014, this is the place to be!

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