I have taught at Middlebury since 2008.  I teach courses in political science, international politics and economics, and international and global studies, covering such subjects as the politics of humanitarianism, international organization, international political economy, and non-state actors in world politics.  From Fall 2021-Spring 2024, I am directing the International and Global Studies program at the college.

I have had lots of exciting experiences as a teacher.  In Fall 2021, I taught the introductory course in global studies with Amit Prakash. I have twice co-taught a senior seminar on global development and governance with Charlie MacCormack (former CEO of Save the Children).  With Steven Viner of the philosophy department, I have taught a couple Winter Term classes where we not only study charities and philanthropy but also engage in it ourselves. In January 2015, our class of 25 students had a grant from the Learning by Giving Foundation that allowed us to give away $10,000 by the end of the Winter Term. Our giving was directed to a local charity, giving our students a great opportunity to learn about local needs and to visit real organizations.   You can view the syllabus here (INTD 1126 W15 Syllabus).  When we taught the course together in 2013, we received support from the Once Upon a Time Foundation, based in Ft. Worth, Texas.  The foundation’s grants received national media coverage (click here to read more). You can read more about the course here and here.

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