My research focuses on international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), humanitarian relief, and human rights.

Sarah Stroup CV March 2023

My most recent book is The Authority Trap, written with Wendy Wong (Cornell University Press, 2017).  We argue that most INGOs have little recognition, but a select few cultivate deference from multiple authorities. We show that status shapes the strategic choices of “leading INGOs” and other INGOs as they engage with states, corporations, and their peers. We were honored with ARNOVA’s 2019 Outstanding Book Award. You can learn about the book here and here, and our read our theoretical approach to INGO authority in a short review piece in Perspectives on Politics.

My interest in INGOs and non-state actors began in graduate school and led to my first book, Borders Among Activists (Cornell, 2012) I explore how the national roots of international NGOs shape their strategies and structures, using case studies of humanitarian and human rights INGOs in the US, Britain, and France.

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