I love podcasts. I usually listen to them on my morning runs and walks, looking out at the beautiful Vermont landscape and letting my mind wander. I used to try to only listen to “work” podcasts (related to my teaching and research about human rights, the UN, foreign policy, etc.), but now I find that I am happier and more relaxed if I just explore.

Are these podcasts part of some “digital public sphere?” I’d like to think that our ability to comfortably explore a wide range of ideas feeds back into our public lives and social relationships. So, as an experiment, I did a podcast episode with the Engaged Listening Project (of which I am one of the faculty directors). Way more work than I thought it would be, but also really rewarding. I got to work with great students and with my friend Brett Simison as producer. Will there be more? I don’t know yet – need Midd folks who want to keep talking on tape!

Links to Stitcher, iTunes, and transcript here.