NEISA Dinghy Tournament

This past weekend saw the Panthers competing at the Fall Dinghy Tournament at Providence College. Sailing for A fleet were Alex Baskin ’19 and Erich Wu ’19, with Warren Galloway ’21 and Gaby Beaulieu ’20 racing for B fleet. Saturday saw winds building throughout the day for two and a half rotations, and bullets won by both Middlebury boats. Sunday was much windier and saw some tight competition throughout the fleet. There were several close finishes, and rankings switching back and forth with each race. By the end of the day the Panthers secured a very close second place, finishing just one point ahead of Bates College after a protest against the B fleet boat was dismissed. The protest claimed that Middlebury’s B fleet boat committed three fouls against two other boats in one incident, but only did a penalty for two of those fouls. The protest committee determined only two fouls occurred and the appropriate penalty was performed. Racing was ended early for the day due to multiple and consistent capsizes throughout the fleet brought on by strong winds associated with the tropical storm on Sunday night. The second place finish at PC put the Panthers 20th overall for the tournament, out of 34. Full results can be found here:


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