End of Season Wrap up: Spring 2017 Windward Panther

Well that’s a wrap on the season. Here’s our bi-annual report, the Windward Panther.

Windward Panther Spring 2017


The season started strong with a 12 sailor force traveling from Middlebury to Santa Cruz for Spring Break. We carried the momentum to the NE Dinghy Tourney, grabbing second place and earning a bid for the NE Dinghy Champs-our primary goal.

We dealt with the lousy spring sailing conditions that northern New England handed us. More ice, snow, sleet, and freezing temps than the bright sun and blue skies we would have preferred.

We sent a women’s team to the Reed, the women’s championships-our secondary goal.

Our freshman team took a third place at the Priddy, the Freshman Champs.

On our last weekend,  we sailed with the best sailors in the country at the NE Dinghy Champs, learning valuable lessons and bolstering our knowledge base and gaining experience needed to compete at this level in the future.

Finally, the team wouldn’t be where it is without the dedication of our team members and student leaders. The sailing team is a year round commitment, and the team is currently thriving at an all time high. Thanks once again to all of our supporters!


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