The 2016 Windward Panther

Having had a few weeks to fully reflect on our season, it is safe to say that the 2016 fall sailing season was a very successful one for the Panthers. We experienced new highs and new lows, sailed in more difficult regattas, and pushed ourselves to improve our ranking in NEISA. The team was unified around a group of goals to start the fall season. Though we did not reach our primary team goal, the Schell Tourney, we achieved our goals of working as a team to improve the level of sailing on our team each day. Our team benefited from the addition of multiple new freshman and sophomore sailors, who’s regular attendance at practice and regatta contributions allowed our team to move towards the top 18 teams of NEISA.

Thanks to Casey Astiz, Erich Wu, and the rest of our team’s board members, we have launched an excellent fundraising campaign. Though we experienced one of the strongest sailing seasons at Middlebury in the last few years, we cannot continue to compete without your financial support. Your donations to the sailing team supports every aspect of our team: Vans for team travel, daily practice (an average practice costs the team $75), regatta competition, our spring break training trip, and general upkeep of boats and team gear. We are excited to reach our fundraising goals to support a new fleet of boats and help facilitate a change in sailing venue. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our ongoing fundraising campaign.

Please follow the link below to read our Fall 2016 Windward Panther newsletter.
Great work by all contributing team members on this fall’s report!

Thanks everyone! We appreciate all of your support and are already looking forward to our spring season.

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