Welcome to the new and, hopefully, improved Middlebury College sailing club (MCSC) website!

MCSC is made up of two main parts: a recreational programme and a racing team. The main aim of the recreational programme is to encourage and allow anyone and everyone who has ever had even the slightest inkling of wanting to learn how to sail, or just enjoying some time out on the water to do just that, within a community of fellow sailors and novices alike.

The other part of MCSC is our more serious racing team. Our racing team is composed of over 20 active members, competing in roughly 25 regattas all over the North-East, annually. Our racers practice on the stunning Lake Dunmore (a short 20-minute drive from campus), four days a week and then engage in further off-the-water sessions to continuously improve as both competitors and overall sailors.

Everyone is welcome, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and join us on the lake! Even if you’ve never set foot in a boat!

Email: sailing@middlebury.edu


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