New Players

MCWRC encourages all interested students to give rugby a try! No experience is necessary and most players have never played rugby before college. MCWRC gives you the opportunity to be a part of the team, try something completely different, and have a lot of fun.

In order to participate in rugby practices or games, all students must complete a series of forms for the Sports Medicine department. If you are considering joining the team, completing these steps does not commit you to playing rugby, but gives you the option. The process is simple and best completed early. If you have any questions, please email our captains, Emma Doubman ( and Reid Brown (

  1. First send your full name, preferred name, class year, Middlebury email, Middlebury ID number and phone number to
  2. All students are required to have an entrance physical conducted by a physician using the College’s Physical Examination Form . Additionally, rugby players must complete the Rugby ReleaseThese two forms must be completed prior to starting rugby but must not be completed more than 6 months in advance of starting rugby. Find these forms linked in the text.
  3. Rugby players need to fill out the Covenant Not to Sue Form. This form, as well as the others, should be brought to your first practice. If you are under the age of 18 upon entering Middlebury, you must have this form signed by a Parent or Guardian.
  4. Once you have submitted the information in step one, you should receive confirmation that you have been added to the roster and can access the health portal forms. All students must register for their account with the College’s online student health portal. You will find additional health forms on this portal that will be submitted electronically. It also serves as a way to track your health records while at Middlebury. To complete the forms, log into your Student Health Portal and complete the forms listed under “My Forms.”
  5. Once you have received confirmation that you are on the roster, you are required to complete the BIODEX and IMPACT Tests for balance and concussions. This test is administered by a member of the training staff within Sports Med in the Athletic Center. To complete this test, you must set up an appointment with Sports Med. You can call at: 802-443-2315 or visit in person to set up your appointment.

We know this can be a confusing process, and we want to help you! If you want to give rugby a try but feel overwhelmed by the paperwork, just reach out to us and we’ll work through it together.