Fall 2016


For the Fall of 2016, we are devoting our three academic roundtables to topics that will contribute to the broader strategic planning process Envisioning Middlebury. To that end, we’ve chosen three key dimensions of our academic program that can both inform and will need to adapt to the new strategic directions that result from this planning process: teaching spaces, undergraduate research, and the library. Below you’ll find descriptions of the three conversations.

October 11, 2016
Envisioning Learning Spaces


Location: CTLR Lounge

At both institutional and instructional level a lot of time and energy is spent on determining the content of courses and the methods of instruction. However, is enough time and energy spent on reflecting where the learning takes place? In the context of envisioning Middlebury, join Bill Koulopoulos in a discussion of envisioning our learning spaces to address the challenges and opportunities of 21st century teaching and learning.

Nov 8, 2016
Envisioning Undergraduate Research at Middlebury

Location: CTLR Lounge

Undergraduate research is an important academic experience for many students. But imagine if we could provide that experience to all students. Would we want to do that?  Why?  What would it look like?  Join us for a discussion about (re) envisioning undergraduate research. Why is it an important component of a liberal arts education? How do students and faculty benefit?  Can we imagine new models of authentic research experiences and attendant creative and/or scholarly processes that make them more available to more students, using fewer resources? Are there new challenges we face?

December 13, 2016
Envisioning the Library

Location: Library 105 (and via Polycomm)

Despite claims in the popular press that Google has made libraries obsolete, we have found to the contrary that the library continues to serve the campus as a vital intellectual space that brings us together, and connects us to the information and services we need for our academic pursuits. Yet, how will our libraries need to change in the coming decade as the College charts a new direction, and as the information landscape continues to evolve? Who we are and where do we want to go? What are the challenges and opportunities we face? How can we continue to contribute to a re-envisioned Middlebury?

This session will also be available via PolyComm videoconferencing at the Middlebury Institute in Monterey. Details will be posted as the date approaches.