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Meet the Troupe


Sheyenne Brown ’09 (Director)

Sheyenne is a theater major with a double minor in African American studies and sociology from New York City. She was smiled upon by the gods when she was accepted into Riddim in the Fall of 2005. She has choreographed since the spring of 2006, and will severely miss dancing after graduation, when she will become a middle school English teacher. She absolutely loves, respects and honors her Riddim family and is proud to have been Director for a year and a half. Yeah…we got Riddim.

Leah Anderson ’09 (Co-Director)

Leah is a senior Chinese major from Cedarburg, WI.  Dance has been an integral part of her life ever since she tapped in “Ain’t She Sweet” at the age of three.  Since then, she has received dance training at North Shore Dance Studio in Mequon, WI, and Danceworks in Milwaukee, in ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop.  Leah will miss her RIDDIM family dearly when she graduates in May, but plans to make sure dance is part of her life forever!  She is very grateful for her RIDDIM experience and wishes new generations the best of luck.

Mithra Harivandi ’09 (Treasurer)

Mithra started dancing after 13 years in competitive gymnastics.  She was the Director and Choreographer of her high school’s dance troupe–FADE Dance Emsemble–as well as a member of Berkeley Ballet Theater’s Youth Company.  She was trained in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and tap around the globe, from San Francisco to New York to Paris.  She hopes to dance on a cruise ship one day, alternating between performance and tanning on the deck.  Riddim has been her family since freshman year, and she absolutely loves dancing with such a dynamic and passionate group!

Cordelia Ross ’09 (Secretary)

Cordelia, and psychology major from Singapore, has been dancing every since she could walk.  She was trained in ballet at the Singapore Ballet Academy and danced modern, jazz and lyrical styles throughout middle and high school.  She was a member of her high school’s Cultural Convention dance team and choreographed as well.  She loves performing and found a new love for hip-hop since becoming a member of the Riddim family her freshman year.

Dave Birr ’09 (Event Coordinator)

Dave was legally born a turkey in Cairo, Egypt. He performed with a traveling circus for much of his life until he joined Riddim in the fall of 2006. He is known for his black-out shades, European flair, and oh so sassy choreography. His milkshake brings more respective boys to the yard than anyone else’s. He loves his Riddim family, and thanks them for putting up with all his initiation and rehearsal shananagans.

Robyn Yamakawa ’09

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J. Greg Behrens ’09

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James Stepney ’09

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Ashley Barron ’09

Starting for Riddim, a 5’5” senior from Brockton, MA. Troupe nickname: Smash (creator, Sheyenne Brown). Time on squad: 2 semesters. Major: psychology. Minor: secondary education. Ashley hopes to become a teacher after graduation and continue her love of athletics through coaching. She wants to thank everyone who has supported her throughout the last four years. “Big ups to my Riddim peeps. I love you guys, and will miss all the laughs and fun times. Be a family and continue to rock the Middlebury campus. So, wobble wobble and drop it like it’s hot!”

Lizzy Zevallos ’09

Lizzy is a History of Art and Architecture major from New Jersey.  She enjoys dancing, painting, architecture, and being outside.  She aspires to make art and like in New York City after graduation…and dance, of course.

Waylon D’Mello ’09



Shanaz Chowdhury ’09

Shanaz is an International Studies major from Queens, NYC.  She’s been dancing on couchs and beds for 15 years, and still cannot keep her balance.  Riddim has such talent and she loves the opportunity to dance with such diverse memebers and learn such different styles of dance.  Riddim is especially fun during initiations.  🙂

Rome Carr ’09




Kelly Bennion ’10 (Co-Director)

Kelly is a psychology and Spanish double major and Elementary Education minor from Scotsdale, AZ. She began dancing at Arizona Sunrays Gymnatsics and Dance Center at the age of 7, and she hopes never to stop. After five years of training in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pointe and contemporary, Kelly moved to Arizona Ballet School. Kelly was a member of her high school’s Varsity Pom line and was the captain of Varsity Colorguard. Since high school, she has spent two summers touring with the Academy Drum and Bugle Corps as a dance soloist. She has performed with the companies of Ballet Arizona, Center Dance Ensemble, and Ohio’s Ballet Met, but Riddim is her favorite dance group BY FAR. Kelly joined Riddim in the fall of her freshman year. and will be Director of the troupe for the 2009-2010 year. She feels so lucky to be able to spend so much time with such a wonderful group of people!

Cassidy Boyd ’10 (Event Coordinator)



Nathalie Michiels ’10

Natalie, from Laguna Hills, CA, is a junior international studies major.  Her name is spelled funny because her parents are from Belgium, and yes, she likes waffles.   She joined Riddim her sophomore year and has loved every minute of it.  Riddim brought dance back into her life and she couldn’t be happier to dance with such an amazing group!  Nathalie has been dancing for 14 years and was a co-captain of her her high school dance team.  She loved every style of dance, and loves performing it even more!  Thanks, Riddim, for making me a part of this awesome troupe!

Tenzing Sherpa ’10

Tenzing was born and raised in Nepal.  He grew up performing cultural Nepali and Tibetan folk dances, as well as Bollywood.  He fell in love with hip-hop dance when he moved to New York City.  Tenzing busted out into the new hip-hop and dance hall moves he had learned during his graduation speech, and willie bounced his way to the podium.  He had mad love for dance–it is his medicine and he needs every dose of it!

Adrienne Chuck ’10

Adrienne joined RIDDIM in the fall of 2008 and couldn’t get enough of it.  Prior to Middlebury, she was part of a Chinese Dance Company in Hawaii since she was 5 years old, and learned little bits of other dance styles like hula and salsa as she grew up.  Adrienne loves Riddim because everyone is drawn together for their love of dance, people of different background brought together through their love of movement–and that’s inspirational.

Ben Schiffer ‘10.5 (Sound mixer extraordinaire!)

Ben has loved dancing since he was a little boy.  He was influenced mainly by Michael Jackson and Jim Carry in The Mask.  Since age 9, Ben has danced across the stage in many musicals.  After moving to Israel, Ben discovered the club scene and his dancing took a whole new direction.  No longer performing, he danced for the love of the beat and laser lights.  Upon arriving at Middlebury, Ben joined GTVT (Generations Today Vermont) and a breaking crew.  Ben has been a member of RIDDIM since his first semester.  He enjoys spending his little free time DJing and touring with the circus.

Kereem Morgan

Kereem Morgan–aka Reemie as some fellow Riddimites would refer to him–is very excited to be a part of Riddim World Dance Troupe.  He loves to dance, and is a dance major from Miami, Florida who has been dancing since he was 3 years old.  He has gone from leotards and ballet shoes to being barefoot and fiercely jamming out to the djembe drums during West African dances, as well as the ultra post-modern contemporary dance scene.  Kereem now likes to remain in his sweatpants and high-top sneakers while indulging in the hip-hop arena.  He fuses all his dance training together to deliver a riveting stage performance with a troupe he has come to respect, admire, and love.  “Enjoy, and GO RIDDIM!!”


Christian Morel ’11

Meli Maldonado ’11

Meli is a sophomore Japanese major from New York City.  She didn’t have any formal dance experience before Riddim, but she got her merengue, bachata, and salsa skills from the late-night Dominican baby showers.  She loves Riddim and hopes to give it that perico ripiao-hip hop taste it’s been missin’!

Mathew Rojas ’11 (Event Coordinator)

Mathew, a joint art history and geography major from New Jersey, grew up dancing salsa and other Latin styles with his family.  He went to ballet school when he was little, but swam instead of dancing all through high school.  Mathew was thrilled to find a truly diverse dance group on campus, not only in dance styles but in its members.  He knows he can do what he loves and really be himself within the Riddim family.


“I love dancing!  The only formal training I received was a few crash courses in Kathak (a South Asian classical style).  I had only danced Nepali folk, Indian classical, and ‘Bollywood’ until I went to UWC, where I learned the basics of ballroom dance.  I hope to grow and develope further as a dancer through Riddim.  I love our troupe and feel honored to dance with such amazing dancers.


Alexandra Vasquez ’12

Alexandra is from Harlem, NYC.  She has been dancing since she was a little girl in her small living room.  In middle school, she took West African and hip-hop classes, and in high school she was introduced to ballet, modern, and jazz.  Dancing is her first love and she could never live without it.  She loves learning new techniques and meeting new people.  She is super grateful to be included in the Riddim family!!

Camila Quinonez ’12

Camila is from San Salvador, El Salvador.  She has been dancing since she was 7, starting with ballet and then moving on to jazz, hip-hop, latin, bellydancing, and more.  Lately, Camila has been sticking to hip-hop and contemporary.  As she says, “Riddim is beautiful.”

Ben Schiffer?


Alice Quist ’03

Luisa Peralta

Janine “African Queen” Knight

Peter Koh ’03

Heather Collamore

Juan Pena

Toni Spence ’04

Sara Stranovsky ’04

Lanford Beard ’04

David “Sexy Asian Man” Yi ’04

Morgan “Mojo” Jones ’04

Crystal “Poetry Diva” Belle ’04

Farhad Peerani ’05

Jan’l Hastings-Robsinson ’05

Karen Lee ’05

Joannah Opot ’05

Christina Tolbert ’05

Charly Nixon ’06

Frankie Powell ’06

Ryan Johnson ’06

Sully Diaz ’06

Ena Yasuhara ’06

Carlos Beato ’06

Hillary Brooks ‘06.5

Lindsay Linton ’07

Alfred Yi ’07

Muchadei Zvoma ’07

ReNard Rogers ’07

Kris Wilson ’08

Tracey Young ’08

Dado Derviskadic ’08

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