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Every student organization on campus has a constitution.  Below is the recently revised in 2009 version of the RIDDIM World Dance Troupe constitution:

Article I:

Section 1: The name of this organization should be stated: Riddim World Dance Troupe.

Article II: The purpose of Riddim is as follows:

Section 1: To explore and provide awareness to the Middlebury College community on Caribbean, African and Hispanic, European etc., cultures through the participation of dance.

Section 2: (a) To perform as a dance troupe

(b) Members will be selected through auditions (for Troupe only)

(c) Auditions are open to Club members and the college community

Section 3: The Club is open to anyone, without need to audition

Section 4: To provide a space where members can fine tune their abilities to teach and learn choreography

Section 5: To engage the people of Middlebury in these forms of dancing through participation- workshops, dance performances, etc.

Section 6: (a) To have at least two performances per year

(b) To have at least two workshops per year

Article III:

Section 1: Riddim World Dance Troupe membership is open to all Middlebury College students.

Section 2: Active members shall be defined as those who participate in at least two pieces per semester.

Section 3: Only active members will be allowed to vote in elections.

Section 4: Only active members will be allowed to vote re the amendment, the constitution and the ratification of the constitution.

Article IV:

Section 1: Riddim will have a Director who overseas the coordination of all activities of Riddim World Dance Troupe and Club. The Director will chair board meetings, and delegate tasks to other members of the group when necessary.

Section 2: Riddim will have two Co-Directors, one to assist in the organization of the Club, and the other to assist with the Troupe.

Section 3: Riddim will have no more than four Event Coordinators who will be in charge of organizing social functions (i.e. parties or dinners), and creating the aesthetic for RIDDIM shows.

Section 4: Riddim will have a Treasurer who is responsible for the fiscal aspect of the club and functions as liaison between the troupe and Student Government Association. Notifies choreographers of costuming budget, as well as keeps the troupe on task with its expenses.

Section 5: Riddim will have a Secretary who records board meeting minutes, and will also be responsible for the RIDDIM mailbox and sending emails to troupe members.

Article V:

Section 1: Elections will be held by the deadline CCAL sets forth.

Section 2: 50% of active members must be in attendance for an election to take place and majority rules.

Article VI:

Section 1: Riddim World Dance Club will meet once a week.

Section 2: Director/Co-Directors, and other capable members, as well as visiting dance teachers, will teach these sessions.

Section 3: These sessions may be augmented more than once a week in the event of a performance.

Section 4: Riddim Troupe shall rehearse as often as necessary for a show.

Article VII:

Section 1: All active and participating members are expected to come to rehearsals on time and prepared to focus for the extent of the rehearsal time slot.

Article VIII: Section 1: Riddim shall have a faculty/staff adviser.

Article IX:

Section 1: Amendments to the constitution may be proposed by any member.

Section 2: Amendment to the constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the active members.

Section 3: Amendment to the constitution must be approved by the Student Government Association.

Article X:

Discrimination Policy:

This student organization operates in full accordance with Chapter Four, Section II, A of the Middlebury College Handbook concerning Student Organization Policies of Discrimination, Freedom of Association, Anti-Hazing, Freedom of Inquiry and Expression, Student Publication, Funding, Advertising, and Scheduling. Any and all changes made to the Student Organizations Policies section of the Middlebury College Handbook will immediately become policies adopted by the RIDDIM World Dance Troupe

Article XI

Section 1: The constitution must be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the active members.

Section 2: The ratification of the constitution must be approved by the Student Government Association.

Re-ratified: March 17, 2009

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