North Myrtle Beach, SC to Beaufort, NC

Humor on the high seas!

I (Pat) was traveling to get to the R/V David Folger; thus, this blog is a day late.The Folger finally left Harbourgate Marina, SC and the seas were calm, so the Folger made good time and arrived at Beaufort Marina in Beaufort, NC around 5:30 pm.  I traveled with Laura Lee and Simon Manley-Meek to Beaufort to drop off supplies, meet up with the guys, and tour the Folger. This is the first time I have gotten on board the Folger, and I was really amazed at this vessel. Since I had only seen it at various stages of being built, it was great to finally get on board. Though there are still things to be done on it, I can’t wait to see it in Lake Champlain and teach my Marine Geology and First Year Seminar on it. Come back later to the blog after I get back to Vermont (on Sunday), when I can upload pictures.

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