Charleston City Boatyard — revised

The R/V David Folgerwas hauled out this morning and when it was set on blocks, it was apparent that the intermediate bearing (closest to where the shaft comes through the hull) was damaged along with slight damage to the propeller. After consulting with Denis Dupas and Nate of All American Marine (where the boat was built), the crew determined that the standard cutlass bearing could be used instead of the bearing that had been in service, which is made of highly specialized Vesconite material that is manufactured only in South Africa and would take two to three weeks to obtain! The only place where both propeller and the shaft could be handled was at Dominey Propellers in Brunswick, Georgia. Therefore, while the propeller and shaft were being removed, Tom rented a cargo van, dropped Rich and Chris off at hotel, and set off to Dominey’s with shaft and propeller.

Charleston City Boatyard

It is always amazing, the kindness of people. Last night when the crew got in, there was only one place to get food, and it was technically closed. However, Maria, the owner of “Our Local Foods,” was still at the café when we called, and she let us come in for a quick dinner. The people at the Charleston City Boatyard have also gone to extra lengths to assist us and help the crew to get back on their journey.


Maria, owner of Our Local Foods café

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