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Christmas Came a Little Early

When asked to find a piece of fan art that was of interest to me, I was going to go immediately to youtube and find some True Blood vids. But something compelled me to type into google “Bollywood vidders.” Maybe it’s because I spoke to both my father and my mother today and missed home a wee bit? Maybe it’s because I wanted to throw something new into the mix? Or maybe… I wanted to see if there were people out there who remixed Bollywood movies. And guess what, there are. Lots.

I found that there is a large trend of Ranishek vids. For those of you who don’t know, Rani Mukerji is an actress who has done a few movies with Abhishek Bachchan. You probably know that last name (or should know since this is big) because his father is Amitabh Bachchan. Big B as they say. So the story goes that Little B and Rani were supposed to marry but things didn’t work out. Apparently, Rani and Little B didn’t work out because she wanted her future husband to live with her and her parents. But Little B is an only son and therefore has his own filial duties to fulfill. Bust. (NB: this reasoning may all be a figment of my mother’s imagination! Nonetheless, hether this narrative is true or not doesn’t matter, what matters is that they DID NOT marry)

Instead… take a stab at who he marries? The most beautiful woman in the world: Aishwarya Rai. So now at red carpets and award shows one can find the beautiful, talented, rich, royal pair sitting together, him dancing around her from time to time, her giggling and it all just hurts so much because they’re just so damn fabulous. It probably hurts more if you’re a Ranishek fan.

Team-Ranishek hasn’t taken it so lightly. There are TONS of vids that take movies of the two and mash them up to show a tumultuous would-be relationship or suggest a continued, passionate longing for one another. Either way, fans miss Ranishek and they’re both angry and sad about it. Take a look at a few and let me know what you think:

Ranishek-Savin Me


Tere Bina-Without You


I promise myself I too will make a vid. I must. I mean there I was sold after today’s screening–specifically of “Us” (I think that’s what it was called, please await the correct title on that one). I mean it went so far beyond just linking up clips and snippets that may or may not talk to each other in some way and adding a track that “says it all.” I’m talkin’ about making something that holds it’s own weight. And that’s what this was. There’s so much potential with vidding. Yes, I’m a flip-flopper that hated vids/remixes/autotuning the news about a day ago, but man… you wanted to see more. Whether that was because of confusion or interest, either way the vid had you in. Also, hello!! Vid can be traced from 1975. They can be traced back to women. Not men. Not youtube. That’s what I’m talking about.


It’s: HIGHper-Sexed Semi-Political allegory sweetened by Southern Hospitality and the just right amount of… “What the hell was that?”

It’s: Creatures of the night, Ghoulish Greek Mythology and the endangered Nymph-Dandelion-battle for the BRIGHT POWER SOURCE of the working class girl, who… pumps liquid life and Love through her beer-tapped short-short veins and whose… accent isn’t even mildly believable during those emotionally EXPLOSIVE self-righteous post-feminist monologues.

It’s: the love of a Drainer-Transformer, cold and pale, trend-inducing, hip cannibalistic Civil War Era sexual encounters that sell in bottles of O-Positive and A-Negative high definition.

Romeo DRINKS Juliet.