1. Strong showing by Kasich – not so much for Cruz, compared to Florida as a whole.

  2. As far as logistics go, what happens to Rubio’s delegates? It’s not that important if Trump jumps the hurdle, but rather if there is somehow a brokered convention.

  3. My understanding is that unless he releases them, they are committed to Rubio through the first round of voting at the convention, and then they become free agents. But it’s possible they are pledged to vote for him no matter what in the first round, no matter what he says, and then they are released.

  4. Chris – At this point Trump is winning delegates at a rate that would allow him to clinch the nomination outright. There’s still a ways to go, however, and much depends on whether Kasich can pick up Rubio’s support. But if forced to choose, I would vote against a contested convention at this point.

  5. On Rubio’s delegates, my understanding is that this varies with the rules in each state.

  6. Thanks David – I think you are right. At one point I had worked this out, but I no longer trust my recollection. I need to revisit the state rules.

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