I’m Living the High Life (On The Lite Side)

Look, I admit it. After a hard day of blogging, I like to take out the pool chair, turn on the transistor to catch Joe and Dave describing  the Red Sox game, and pop the tab on a refreshing Miller Lite.   Sure, my choice of beverage might offend some of my colleagues, with their fancy degrees and their pinky-raised Chablis-sipping ways.  But I’m all right with that.  And do you know why?

Because Miller Lite tastes great.

And it’s less filling.

And nothing makes an intellectually-weighty tome like The Obamas go down easier on a hot summer day.

Miller Lite.   The drink of non-partisan presidency scholars living in Vermont (when the weather is hot).

(P.S.  If you are an Anheuser- Busch company representative, and you are looking for a low-cost way to advertise your product, I can’t think of a better way to spread your brand name than by sponsoring a non-partisan political blog.  Just a thought.)


  1. Your sunbathing has increased the Earth’s albedo by 0.1%. I like that you’re doing your part to fight global warming.

  2. A colleague in the discipline emails to say: “It’s not that you should be ashamed of drinking beer instead of fancy wine, but that you should be drinking a sissy bear like Miller Lite instead of a real beer like Iron City or Genesee Cream Ale, etc.”

  3. Bob Gerlin writes: “My admiration is dimmed by yours for Miller Lite (kids’ beer). Also hasn’t chablis given way to chardonney? Finally, the weeds around the pool need attention.”

  4. Bob,

    Those aren’t weeds – those are grape vines! (In case I want to make my own chablis…er….chardonney)!

  5. First, I was surprised to see you reading that book, but thanks for the review, makes me more interested in putting it on my reading list. I wasn’t sure inititally. Secondly, the (Vemont) heat that had you heading to the pool…and Miller Lite, has (with DC record breaking highs) driven me to my pool as well, but alas, I lack both the chair and significant loyalty to any particular beer….

  6. If you are short on funds, spring for the chair first. It makes all the difference.

  7. I had to look up the word “albedo” in Brett’s comment above and found 1)the ratio of the light reflected by a planet to that received by it and 2)the white, inner rind of a citrus fruit. Given the photo, both would seem to fit.

  8. People don’t seem to realize that, for a Vermonter who spends a good chunk of his days indoors blogging – that’s a tan!

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