Last Minute Polling

Busy day today, but I wanted to send one quick Iowa polling update.

In Iowa, the most recent poll (by American Research Group) shows very little change, with Paul (21%), Romney (20%) and Gingrich (19%) essentially tied for the lead. (The poll’s margin of error is +/- 4 points).   No other candidate reaches double figures, but 12% remain undecided.  Once again, Paul does better among independents. who constitute 22% of the poll.  Although the race remains very fluid, with a week to go it appears to be a toss-up among these three.  Perhaps the most interesting takeaway is how steady Romney’s support is – he never gains, but doesn’t lose either.

If I can, I’ll post a more extended discussion later tonight.



  1. Oh come on folks….not even a commented 🙂 for ¨Gingrich the Newt¨¨ It is so old and so timely and deserves it´s own blog but Matt included it here Is anyone there?

  2. Sally – I’ve received some feedback, but remember – it’s a holiday for many readers. (Even I didn’t post on Christmas Day!)

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