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Black Pearl Ball: A Night of Elegance and Traditions

As narrated by Christine Valentin (NYMP10) with direct commentaries from Athenia Rodney (NYMP2).

MPNY10 at the Middlebury College Black Pearl Ball 2010For many students on the Middlebury College campus, the Black Pearl Ball is one of the most buzz-worthy events of the entire year. For those who have no idea of the Black Pearl Ball, it is a campus-wide dance hosted by the Middlebury student organization, Women of Color, that takes place during Homecoming Weekend. The event is attended by not only current Middlebury students but alumni as well. So how did the Black Pearl Ball, which in the recent years has also served as an alternative option to the Homecoming Formal itself, even came to be?

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OneMic!: Pre-Middlebury Advice Part 1

Welcome to this month’s “OneMic!” special! On top of being leaders in their respective fields, Posse scholars are all socially conscious and responsible citizens of their communities. Whether it’s about the current economic crisis (still) or the Asian carp situation in Proctor, they’ve got something to say about it. OneMic! is a monthly, month long feature/discussion around a pre-selected theme which we’ve asked the scholars to comment on.

As any scholar can attest, the best part about being Posse, aside from the warm fuzzies and weekly/bi-weekly/BIG meetings with each other and the mentors, is having someone to go for advice. So for the month of August, 2011 we asked the scholars, “I wish I had known or someone had told me… (about Middlebury)” and this is what they had to say.

“I wish someone had told me that you don’t NEED to stress out just to do well. Not every big assignment should feel like the end of the world–there’s a way around everything.”
Christine (MP10)

“Meet the staff, they are awesome!”
Jon (MP12)

“I wish I had known that there is no one organic type of the posse, each posse is different.
I wish I had known that between 4 and 6 the fitness center will be pretty crowded and funky.
I wish someone had told me to see my professors EARLY’; even if I don’t have a problem in the class, talking to/getting to know them is helpful in the learning process.
I wish I had known that the library during finals week is the most STRESSFUL place to be on campus.
I wish I had known about the really cheap bike sale that happens every year! Bikes for like 20 bucks!
I wish I had known about the dollar store/TX MAXX/RITE AID in town, it’s a slight distance, but they have those little things we need for great prices!”
Kya (MP11)

“SLEEP!! While it may seem cool to boast about the 3/4 am bed times and getting only 3 hours of sleep a night with countless naps throughout the day, you are only doing yourself harm. The people that are really getting those grades/excelling in school are getting up early (8/9) and going to bed around midnight/1.
Structure yourself, it will only HELP you in the long run. I definitely wish this had dawned on me so much earlier so I didn’t walk around like a zombie half of my college career :)”
Besiana (MP8)

Come back every Thursday during the month of August for the rest of the advice. And if you would still like to contribute, click here.