From Gotham to ChiTown: Part 2

As compiled by Barbara Ofosu-Somuah (NYMP11)

My initial reactions to the idea of having two Posses [from different] cities at Middlebury College were anxiety and hesitation. There are people at Middlebury who are still unfamiliar with the Posse Foundation’s mission and more importantly the importance of having Posse scholars on campus. I was also worried about how the two first-year Posses would interact [when both Posses are on campus for the first time]; “Would they be entirely separate entities or one big Posse family?”

However, despite my selfish reservations, I believe that it is important to have a diversity of ideas and experiences on campus, which is exactly what the new Chicago Posse will provide.

Welcome Chicago scholars!
Aya Gallego (NYMP11)

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