Don’t Forget; BannerWeb Loves You

For those of us who have been a student at Middlebury long enough, we all know what a delight registering for courses on the college’s server, BannerWeb can be.

Here is how my registration morning game plan used to look like.

6:55AM – Alarm rings. Turn on my computer.
6:56AM – Frantic dash to the bathroom.
6:57AM – Sign on to Bannerweb with the handy sheet of paper that contains the CRNs by my side.
6:58AM – Complain with the roommate/hallmate/that-cute-so-and-so-from-last-night-in-your-bed about how early it is.
6:59AM – Check Facebook one last time.
6:59:59AM – Refresh BannerWeb frantically in the hopes that I will actually get through and see the magical screen with the six boxes at the bottom.

At this point a number of things could happen.

  • A) Your submission goes through and you get into all/some of your classes.
  • B) BannerWeb stalls until you get in only some or none of your classes while you scramble to register your back-up choices or add yourself to the wait list.
  • C) BannerWeb implodes and you and your friends share in the misery of not-taking that introductory class that you needed for your major until senior year with the other first-years who got to register with priority in person.

So in order to facilitate your registration process, The Posse at Middlebury Blog have come up with a guide based on the wisdom of those who have come before us.

So come back this Thursday to check out our “BannerWeb Survival Guide” and “Things to Consider When Choosing Your Courses.”

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