James E. Stepney

James Middlebury College GraduationName: James E. Stepney
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Academic Major/Minor: Film and Media Culture
Current Status: Assistant Editor/Digitizer at MTV Networks
Priding myself as a New York native, I found it rather tasking to discover my niche at Middlebury College. At the same time, it opened a window of possibilities and potential I never tapped into. I’ve discovered my passions and have formed networks that will last a lifetime through the hard work and dedication stemming from Middlebury’s work ethic. Today, I use those same skills and lessons in the “ real” world in order to achieve my goals within the Film industry. Aspiring as a director for feature Hollywood films is a daunting goal, but using foundations solidified through family, friends, and ever evolving scruples I have no doubt that I will gain the most from what life has to offer. The only thing I can comment on while on this journey is my undying appreciation of passion, and helping those achieve such passionate goals is a rewarding thing to witness, as well as an essential component to my purpose.






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