A Summer at Midd

An awesome day at Midd

Hey guys! I’m Syeda from MP11 and I am working at Middlebury at the Main Library now known as the Davis Family library. Working at Middlebury is a great opportunity to do all those things you wanted to do but never really had the chance and it’s a great time to take advantage of Middlebury’s Language school.

You get to see Middlebury’s language program in action. Just to give an example of how serious the language school students take their pledge, I saw a friend of mine, a Chinese school student. She is going abroad in the Fall and I plan to go abroad in the Spring. Therefore, we won’t see each other all next year. She refused to talk to me in English. We tried to play charades and sign to each other, “How are you?” but all we could do was hug and smile at each other.

Middlebury in the summer is a great time to enjoy Middlebury without the stress of papers and midterms. I look at Language school students everyday and I forget this is how stressed I must look during the school year. It is a great time to practice any foreign languages Middlebury offers except Arabic and Japanese. I am a second year Arabic student so that didn’t help too much but I did learn how to say hi in Spanish, French, German, and Russian. It also becomes a great time to do independent studying to either get a head start for next year or catch up on language work from last year.

The weather is finally beautiful for once. Wearing sunscreen in Vermont is a shocker but it can actually be necessary during the summer. I got the chance to walk into town and shop around without feeling limited on time. I went to the Organic Garden to see the sunset; it was beautiful. I also went swinging in front of Twilight in the middle of the night and looked up at some stars. There was also berry picking, Pizza Put, and Six Flags involved in my summer. The days are long which is awesome for hikes and just a longer time to enjoy the beautiful, warm day. Middlebury during the year does not have too many of those. Whenever you have a chance, explore Vermont! (Outside of the Middlebury course load)

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  1. Angelika F

    I was one of those language school students 4 years ago :) (more specifically Japanese). Despite the intensity, it was a fun and useful use of my summer :).

    Midd is definitely a parallel universe in the summer time. I worked on campus for a few weeks after graduating and definitely recommend to anyone who wants to stay a little bit longer after graduation.


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