Dos telenovelas cortas

In both Spanish 105 A and Spanish 103 A of this year, professor Felipe Q. Quintanilla asked his awesome students to write and produce one well-developed 5-10 minute telenovela by the end of the semester. For inspiration, every week the classes would screen a short clip from the hit telenovela remake of Rubí.


The guilty pleasure of seeing Rubí served as inspiration for the over the top melodramatic videos you will find bellow. The scripts and storyboards were developed exclusively by the students. Professor Quintanilla shot and edited the footage. Enjoy!

El amor y otras drogas middleburianas

Telenovela producida por los estudiantes de Spanish 105 A.

              Actuación en orden de aparición

Dorjey ———————– Prof.  Jorge Dorjey
Izzy O. ————————- Narradora
Charles A. A. —————— Hermano esquiador 1
Ben P.J. ———————– Hermano esquiador 2
Laura M. N. ——————- Laura
Amanda S. R. —————- Amanda
Kevin C. B. ——————- Kevin el narco canadiense
Kaysee H. O. —————– Kaysee

Music from Creative Commons:





Maldita herencia: traición y amor en el casino

Telenovela hecha en el marco de Spanish 103.

Actuación en orden de aparición

Christian B —————————- Diego
Mark F. D. —————————- Miguel
Sophie C.V. —————————- Sofía
Gurlyn S. G. —————————- Felipe
Kaitlyn I. K. —————————- Rubí
Shannia F. —————————- Rubia
Calvin R. M. ————————– Oficial Martínez

Música. Creative Commons:

Hugo_Revel. Quiero_Ser_Feliz

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