Political Ecology of GMOs

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Political Ecology of GMOs: An Introduction


This blog offers a collection of student work from the course Political Ecologies of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the Spring of 2013. In this course students took a very particular approach to understanding the debates around GMOs, a debate mired by divisive rhetoric. Students worked to understand the complexities of contexts across multiple scales; to explore multiple perspectives; to understand the role played by their own perspectives, experiences and knowledge – as well as those of the work they reference.

Students worked to create a set of essays that might allow the reader to both understand how the author approached the research and to give space for the reader to come to her own – informed – understanding of the politics of GMOs. We hope that you will find a wide range of perspectives and ways of understanding in the essays, images and annotated bibliographies offered here.

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Kacy and students from GG205 Spring 2013


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