Schedule of Readings and Assignments

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Our two main texts are:

Anderson, Elizabeth. 2010. The Imperative of Integration. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Glasgow, Joshua, Sally Haslanger, Chike Jeffers, and Quayshawn Spencer. 2019. What is Race?: Four Philosophical Views. New York: Oxford University Press.

PDF copies of these books can be found in the password-protected Readings section of this website. The password is: phil0235

Other readings are hyperlinked below.

The following is a tentative schedule of readings, which will be updated according to our interests and the flow of our conversations.

Key dates for writing assignments: The earliest that the midterm will be due is October 28. The final paper will be due on December 14, which is during finals week.

DateReadings to be Discussed and Assignments Due
9/14Syllabus; Introduction
9/16Tutorial on Philosophical Methodology
Nolt, Informal Logic; Khalifa, Argument Reconstruction Tutorial
We will use a snippet from the following as a working example:
Sawchuk, Stephen. 2021. “What is critical race theory and why is it under attack?”  EdWeek.
[PPT] [Handout]
9/21Haslanger, “Tracing the Sociopolitical Reality of Race,” pp. 4-24 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
9/23Haslanger (continued) pp. 24-37 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
9/28Jeffers, “Cultural Constructionism,” pp. 38-54 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
9/30Jeffers (continued), pp. 54-72 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
10/5Spencer, “How to be a Biological Racial Realist” pp. 73-94 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
10/7Spencer (continued), pp. 94-110 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
10/12Glasgow, “Is Race an Illusion or a (Very) Basic Reality?” pp. 111-127 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
10/14Glasgow (continued), pp. 128-149 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
10/19No Class (Midterm Recess)
10/21Haslanger and Jeffers’ Replies, pp. 150-202 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
10/26Spencer and Glasgow’s Replies, pp. 203-275 in What is Race? [PPT] [Handout]
10/28Anderson, Ch. 1: “Segregation and Social Inequality” (pp. 1-22). [PPT] [Handout]

11/2Midterm Paper Due. Anderson, Ch. 2 “Racial Segregation and Material Inequality in the US,” pp. 23-43 [PPT] [Handout]
11/4Anderson, Ch. 3 “Segregation, Racial Stigma, and Discrimination” pp. 44-66. [PPT] [Handout]
(Zoom lecture) Anderson, Ch. 4 “Racial Segregation Today: A Normative Assessment” pp. 67-89 [PPT] [Handout] [Recording (PWD: 39^Ka@yC)]
11/9-11/11Classes Cancelled
11/16Anderson, Ch. 5 “Democratic Ideals and Segregation” pp. 89-111 [PPT] [Handout]
11/18Anderson, Ch. 6 “The Imperative of Integration,” pp. 112-134 [PPT] [Handout]
11/23Anderson, Ch. 7 “Understanding Affirmative Action,” pp. 135-154 [PPT] [Handout] [Recording. Password: Z4&^h+6h]
11/25No Class (Thanksgiving Recess)
11/30Anderson, Ch. 8 “The Folly and Incoherence of Color Blindness” pp. 155-179 [PPT] [Handout]
12/2Anderson, Ch. 9 “The Ordeal and Promise of Integration,” pp. 180-192;
Symposium on Gender, Race, and Philosophy: James, “The Burdens of Integration” (pp. 2-5) [PPT] [Handout]
12/7Symposium on Gender, Race, and Philosophy: Jeffers, “Anderson on Multiculturalism and Blackness: A Du Boisian Response” Sheth, “Commentary on Anderson”; Sundstrom, “Commentary on Anderson” (pp. 6-19 in the PDF) [PPT] [Handout]
12/9Symposium on Gender, Race, and Philosophy: Taylor, “Whose Integration? Whose Imperative?”; Anderson, “Reply to My Critics” (pp. 20-32 in the PDF) [PPT] [Handout] [Recording. Passcode: Lc2Kax?V]
12/14Final Paper Due