Choosing the right printer

If you find yourself needing to choose or recommend a small or medium printer, it’s worthwhile to consider the volume of pages that the printer prints per month.

HP (for example) publishes this information for their business/enterprise printers.

If the printer is replacing another printer, papercut can be used to give us an idea of how many pages the old printer has printed per month:

A printer that’s specced for less pages / month will have a decreased “life expectancy”, as is happening with AXN105. If a printer is failing repeatedly, you may want to consult the manufacturer specs to see if the printer is printing more than it’s meant to handle. On the other hand, purchasing an expensive high-volume printer that will only be used sparingly is a waste of resources. So consult the “Recommended Monthly Print Volume” specification from the manufacturer and, if there’s an older printer currently in place, consult the papercut statistics for the queue.

Hope this helps you in your journeys in printer land…

As an additional recommendation, if new printers are needed, I would suggest sticking to ones that are listed as Office printers, have PCL5, PCL6 and Postscript Support, and a control Panel for easy configuration. Printers listed as personal printers or ones that use host based printing generally aren’t set up to be connected to via a server. You can usually find that information on the specifications tab when checking out printers specs online.